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TRUE Skincare have gone above and beyond to make certified organic, natural, efficacious products in beautiful and sustainable packaging…the best bit,  they’ve made a conscious decision to reduce our margins to make it accessible to all. Read More

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TRUE Skincare Founder: Emma Thornton

My background has been centred around beauty and my experience leading the marketing for numerous premium beauty brands gave me an insight into how much it actually cost to make these products, how much of a premium brands were charging and how little legislation there was when it came to making claims, particularly within natural and organic beauty. There always seemed to be some kind of consumer compromise; either brands feeling like they have the right to increase the price because the word “organic” was written on the box (sometimes without backing) or the consumer had to compromise on the look, feel ethics and efficacy just to get a lower price point. As a beauty consumer myself, I made it my mission to create a skincare brand for you. Something where no compromise is made. We’ve gone above and beyond to make certified organic, natural, efficacious products in beautiful and sustainable packaging, but we’ve made a conscious decision to reduce our margins to make it accessible to all and I’m so pleased that our stockists share this vision with us. We’ve received such incredible feedback from our customers, which means the world to me as this is exactly why TRUE Skincare was created; to make beautiful, organic products accessible to everyone. Because beauty should be inclusive, not exclusive.”‍

Emma xx

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Why Waterless Skincare?

You may have noticed that none of our products list “aqua” or “water” as an ingredient in our INCI listing. Here’s why we’ve chosen to go waterless in all of our skincare formulations…

True Skincare

Better for you

With a typical moisturiser containing up to 85% water in its formulations – often used as a cheap bulking agent – it’s no surprise that the cosmetics industry uses trillions of litres of fresh water every year during the manufacturing process; from extraction, to cleaning, to what we put on our faces.

Instead of using this vital commodity, we use extracts and actives which are proven to make a difference to your skin whilst still achieving those luxurious textures. Yes, it may increase our costs, but we believe that beauty shouldn’t cost the Earth, which is why we’ve chosen to reduce our profits to make genuinely efficacious and sustainable products accessible with regards to both availability and price.

Better for others

We love our planet. And we realise that we only have one of them. One of them and 8 billion of us. And although our world may be 70% water, only 3% of that is actually fresh water – the kind we rely on in everyday life. There’s no hiding from it; with our population growing at an exponential rate, combined with the impact we’re having on our planet, demand is outgrowing supply. It’s thought that by 2025, two thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages. We believe there’s a better use for this vital resource than being used in our beauty products.

Better for our planet

Climate change and consumerism is having a catastrophic affect in our planet. Wetlands are actually disappearing three times faster than our forests, but they store twice as much carbon and are home and depended upon by thousands of species critical to our ecosystem.

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