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Noughty Haircare is here to deliver results without any added fuss. Whether it’s your daily curl refresh, a 20-minute-deep treatment mask or a longer-term journey to happy, healthy hair and skin, we’re here to make the process easier for you. Read More

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How It Started

Noughty was founded in 2016 by Rachel and Lorna who have been friends for over twenty years back when sun-in highlights, terrible perms and frizzy fringes were the hairstyles of dreams.
Both went on to become beauty industry experts who have worked for some of the most-loved natural brands in the world and, armed with this passion and knowledge, they were inspired to create an accessible naturals brand centred around high performance. And so, Noughty was born.

They recognised that the naturals world could be a confusing (and slightly dull) place so the aim was to keep Noughty simple, transparent and looking great on your bathroom shelf. Every Noughty product is rooted in the science of plant power and we aim to give open and transparent information about the science, ingredients and every formulation decision that powers product performance.

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The formulation team

The magic of Noughty lies in the ingredients. Behind every decision there is a great team whose knowledge and passion help to create Noughty. That’s where The Beauty Botanist, Jennifer Hirsch comes in.

From Jen’s encyclopaedic plant knowledge to the naturals experts in our laboratories, we consider ingredient efficacy at every stage, helping to give you the best performance and Noughty experience.


What is Noughty up to?

Noughty believes beauty shouldn’t come at the price of the planet. So, while Noughty want their products to bring you joy and confidence, they always prioritise our transparent values in responsible, ethical sourcing and sustainability.

As Aretha put it, it all comes down to a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, for people, paws and the planet. Noughty always sources responsibly with ethical farming, sustainable packaging choices and, where necessary, using synthetic ingredients to preserve natural resources. 

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