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Over two decades of knowledge infuse formulations that integrate herbal, homeopathic and cosmetics to create new standards in clean, high-performance beauty. The Organic Pharmacy use organic ingredients whenever possible and place as much emphasis on topical care as we do on health and balance, because real beauty is born READ MORE

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More About The Organic Pharmacy

Clinically Proven

Our products are independently tested for their high efficacy. We use world class laboratories to clinically prove the short, medium and permanent benefits of our products. It is our quest to ‘prove and improve’ before anything leaves our door.

Made in London

The Organic Pharmacy’s, Margo Marrone wanted to forge a new way of thinking about health and beauty. So, in 2002, Margo, with her then husband founded The Organic Pharmacy. The flagship store in Sloane Square, joined now by outlets in Hight Street Kensington, Primrose Hill, along with select retailers and spas. These stores, and the 45 countries, are supplied by TOP’s own factory in west London.

Our Planet

All of TOP’s packaging is Eco-friendly. This means they adhere to strict standards to:

  • Use environmentally friendly production and processing
  • Responsibly use natural resources
  • Respect biodiversity
  • Never use petrochemical parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants
  • Never use GMO
  • Use of Recyclable packaging
  • We also practice fair trade and our products are reef safe.
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