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Moisturisers and Oils

Moisturisers & Oils

While serums target specific concerns, the job of a moisturiser is to hydrate and soften the outer layers of skin, strengthening its protective barrier so that it’s less prone to water loss and irritation. A good everyday face cream such as Skin Bliss Facial Moisturiser will have a rich texture and feature nourishing vitamins and oils. While a moisturiser for acne prone skin, such as Barnaby Natural Cosmetics – Blemish Control Moisturiser will usually contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree and sea buckthorn oil, to combat acne-causing bacteria and reduce redness. READ MORE

Moisturisers & Oils

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Some types of moisturiser even have targeted ingredients, such as retinol, antioxidants or salicylic acid, which can boost the effects of any serum you’ve applied beforehand. And some like BAO Skincare Recovery Face Cream work to soothe sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, with calming chamomile. While others like SOS Serum – H20 Day Cream SPF 30 combine vital SPF protection and hydration benefits in one. (Those with sensitive skin might want to try their SPF 50 face cream which delivers extra protection from those harsh UVs.)

A face oil is the perfect final step to seal in your serums and moisturiser – while it nourishes skin in the process. Infused with plant extracts and essential oils, a face oil for dry skin like Gaia & Vie Nourish Face Oil works to intensely hydrate and calm irritation, as well as tackle dry, flaky skin. There are also versions that work for oily skin types, such as Melitta Meszaros – Oily and Combination Skin Face Oil which helps regulate the skin’s own sebum production without leaving a greasy residue. (It contains grapefruit and rosemary oils to refresh and balance oily skin types.) Other face oils work to calm symptoms of skin conditions like rosacea and prevent dry chapped skin in cold weather. Remember, a little oil goes a long way – rub a few drops between your palms, and apply to the face in gentle, outward sweeping motions. Oils have become big news in men’s skincare too – Earth from Earth’s Beard Oil, works to nourish beard bristles and calm post-shaven skin, with healing argan oil and a rich fragrance of sandalwood, neroli and patchouli.

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