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Faace offers a skincare line designed with life and skin cycles in mind, targeting hormonal changes. Their products, including moisturisers and masks, cater to various skin needs like stress, tiredness, and menstruation. READ MORE

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More about Faace Skincare

We’re super excited that Jasmine, founder of Faace will be pitching for investment on BBC’s Dragon’s Den in February. 

Jasmine Founder Of Faace Skincare On Dragon Den February 2024 - Shop At Counter Culture
Faace Skincare - Shop At Counter Culture

Faace is a unique skincare brand founded by Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, designed to address the diverse needs of skin affected by various life stages and conditions.

With products crafted to combat the effects of tiredness, hormonal changes, and other life-related skin issues, Faace simplifies skincare routines with its effective, fuss-free approach. Their inclusivity and dedication to creating versatile, universally appealing skincare solutions highlight their commitment to catering to a wide range of skin types and concerns.

Tiredness, time of the month, over-exercising, over-analysing, under sleeping – we’re doing all sorts of self-sabotage to our skin. Add in the hormonal havoc that these life moments can bring, and it’s safe to say that your skin (and emotions) can become unsettled. 

What’s worse is that when you’re exhausted or looking burnout head on, who has the energy to study an ingredient’s list or the budget (and time) to visit a dermatologist?

Faace is here to help. 

Faace brings you a does-what-it-says approach to help fix skin fast. You don’t have to think about a thing because our products do it for you. Our say-what-you-see skincare is uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven. Using natural actives to provide solutions, our expert approved and developed range is an inclusive and affordable answer to every skin situation.

Faace Skincare - Image Showing Skincare Products To Use During Your Period Or Menopause

Faace is proud to support Hey Girls, a social enterprise dedicated to fighting period poverty. To date, Faace has donated £6,700 from the sale of Period Faace, Tired Faace, Sweaty Faace and Stress Faace to their “buy one give one” initiative.

Jasmine Founder Of Faace Skincare - Shop At Counter Culture

Meet the face behind Faace

“I’ve worked in beauty for almost 20 years, but created Faace when I’d just become a new mum (for the first time), and my good habits went out the window. When some nights brushing my teeth even got bumped off the list due to sheer exhaustion I realised what was out there and what I was doing in my routine wasn’t realistic for a time poor, tired mum. I came together with industry peers (journalists, skin experts, aromatherapists, designers) and came up with the concept of Faace. An easy but effective solution to care for my hormonal skin needs.”

Jasmine, Founder of Faace

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