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Heatless Hair Curler & Hair Waver Re-Invented

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About Cordina Hair

Cordina Hair was founded by Yanika Cordina who’s love for healthy hair has long been one of her passions from a very young age. 

Yanika’s hair styling inventions; the Flower Curl & Waver Bun, have been featured on Dragons Den UK, BBC ONE, GOV.UK and named by the Independent as ”the most comfortable heatless hair curler”.

She launched her hair tools to the public in late 2018 after spending months of prototyping in her trusty old shed and has since earned multiple patents.

Originally from Malta, Yanika moved to the UK at the age of eighteen and now resides in Dorset, UK.

The Flower Curl is a heatless hair curler that can be worn overnight.  It is coated in silky satin and creates heatless curls.  Can be used on different hair lengths and hair thickness.

The Waver Bun is a hair tool coated in satin and it replaces messy buns, tight ponytails and up do’s.  Can be used overnight or during day to day activities. No hair ties required and the bun is not tight at the roots and therefore will not cause tension like a normal bun or ponytail would.  Leaves no dents, just healthy heatless waves when removed.

Both of Cordina’s hair tools are handmade from soft foam coated in vegan satin material. No silk worms were harmed during the making of these hair tools. 🐛

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