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Deal Or No Deal? Make Us An Offer & Bag Yourself A Bargain


Deal Or No Deal? Make Us An Offer & Bag Yourself A Bargain

Counter Culture Store launches “Counter Offer” to bring great offers and an engaging shopping experience to its customers   

We all want to get a great deal, right?  The satisfaction of knowing you’ve bagged a bargain is a great feeling.   It brings a smile to your face and makes the shopping experience so much more fun!

If you’ve ever haggled over a price, at home or on holiday or you’re a regular user of sites like Ebay or Depop, like my teenage girls, then you’ll know the thrill of negotiating a saving.  And right now, with the cost of living crisis. every opportunity to shop smartly makes a difference” said  Wendy Martin, Co-Founder of Counter Culture Store. 

We all know and love the thrill of getting a great deal

Wendy Martin – CEO Counter Culture

So we’ve launched “Counter Offer”.  Every month Counter Culture Store will invite shoppers to make a “Counter Offer” on a selection of high-performing, planet-friendly products ranging from beauty and skincare to eco-cleaning and homewares.  Ranging from introductory offers for new brands and products, to top sellers that are moving fast allowing us to replenish stock quicker and, from time to time, stock that’s nearing its shelf life and needs to be used in a timely manner.  It’s a win-win-win for consumers, brands and ultimately the planet as it encourages the switch to sustainable alternatives. 

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Wherever you see the Counter Offer button you can negotiate yourself a great deal!

We’re on a mission to make it easier to switch to sustainable alternatives.  Eco-friendly products don’t have to cost more and in many cases there are great savings to be had.  Now more than ever we’re keen to bring great prices and a fun and engaging shopping experience to our customers.  We’re delighted we can harness the power of AI technology to deliver a great consumer experience said Wendy.  

Counter Offers – Walkthrough Video

Check out the products in this month’s Counter Offers.  And try it for yourself…. can you bag a bargain?  

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