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While some people’s routines don’t extend beyond shampoo and conditioner, hair oils and serums are essential for keeping your hair in the best condition it can be. Counter Culture has everything you need to keep your locks looking strong and shiny in-between washes. Read more

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A good hair serum is designed to leave a protective coating on the hair to prevent breakage and reduce frizz and flyaways. Like many hair styling products, it can also shield the hair from pollution and environmental damage. However many serums contain silicones, which can build up on the hair cuticle over time, leaving it it dry and brittle. Try a silicone-free hair serum such as Sintra Naturals Vegan Camellia Nourishing Hair Serum, which is 100% natural and contains hemisqualane, an emollient derived from sugar cane. It also features nourishing camellia seed oil, rich in omega fatty acids.

A hair oil works in a similar way to a serum but it tends to be more of a treatment product, with a richer formula that’s a lot more nourishing than most hair styling products. It can be used as a scalp oil as well as on the hair, to ‘feed’ the follicles and encourage healthy strong hair growth. If your hair is crying out for some TLC, an organic hair oil will help lock in shine and moisture, without suffocating your strands or leaving them looking greasy in the process. (Just remember, a little goes a long way.) Try The Good Zest Company’s Organic Lime Hair Oil with moisturising Vitamin E and a blend of organic oils including pomegranate and rosehip oil. While Starest Revive Hair and Scalp Oil is designed to help with hair loss and strengthen thinning hair with a  nourishing cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. And if you’re looking for a beard oil (beards need some loving too!) Earth from Earth’s Beard Oil with Sandalwood & Neroli smells sublime and keeps beard hair conditioned with cold-pressed oils.

When it comes to essential hair styling products, many people have a dry shampoo in their bag to help keep their hair refreshed throughout the day and eliminate greasy roots. Corinne Taylor’s Dry Shampoo Powder is completely natural and free from talc – a common ingredient in dry shampoo, which can leave the scalp congested and create a chalky appearance. Instead it contains organic plant powders, bentonite clay and organic essential oils, to leave hair refreshed and replenished.

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