Color Wow

Color Wow - The award-winning hair care brand renowned for its innovative solutions to colour protection, frizz control, and more. Check out Color Wow's Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment used by Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and J Lo.

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Dive into the story of Color Wow, celebrated for its ingredient safety and transformative products. Explore our collection of Color Wow's bestsellers and experience the difference in haircare excellence.
In the vibrant cosmos of haircare, one brand has shimmers brighter than most, crafting an indelible mark with its innovative spirit and transformative products. Enter Color Wow, the brainchild of haircare visionary Gail Federici, whose dedication to solving the most stubborn hair issues has not only redefined beauty standards but also garnered international acclaim with over 90 beauty awards.

Born from a legacy of breakthrough products and a passion for perfection, Color Wow is more than just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence and a solution to the myriad challenges hair presents. From the pioneering Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, which banishes frizz with its humidity-proof formula, to the Color Security Shampoo, the world's first 100% clean, residue-free shampoo, Color Wow's portfolio is a testament to innovation and efficacy.

What sets Color Wow apart is not just its award-winning products but also the ethos that drives its creation. Anchored by the belief in 'hair care without compromise,' Color Wow has taken a bold stance on ingredient transparency and safety. By banning over 60 ingredients common in other haircare products, Color Wow ensures that its formulations are not only effective but also free from anything that could dull, darken, or distort hair colour.

The heart and soul of Color Wow lie in its founder, Gail Federici, and the legendary team she has assembled. Federici's story is one of relentless pursuit of solutions, inspired by icons of determination like Navy Seals and Winston Churchill. Under her leadership, alongside the scientific acumen of Dr. Joseph Cincotta, Color Wow has created first-of-kind products that tackle hair problems previously thought insurmountable.

But Color Wow is more than its products and its founders; it's a community, a family affair steeped in the haircare industry. From Gail's twin daughters, Brit and Alex, who once fronted John Frieda campaigns and now contribute behind the scenes, to the broader family network involved in the brand's operations, Color Wow is a testament to familial bonds and shared passion.

Color Wow extends its ethos of empowerment and innovation beyond its products, committing to social causes with significant donations to organisations like the Obama Foundation’s Girl’s Opportunity Alliance, supporting education and opportunities for women and girls globally.

In essence, Color Wow isn't just a brand; it's a movement. A movement towards better haircare, towards social progress, and towards a community built on the foundations of innovation, integrity, and inspiration. As we celebrate the brand's achievements and anticipate its future contributions, one thing is clear: Color Wow is changing the game, one hair at a time.