Beauty Cleanse

Beauty Cleanse Skincare - Multi-purpose, upcycled, skincare. Beauty Cleanse is on a mission to rescue imperfect, leftover and misshapen superfoods from food waste to craft innovative skincare products that provide skin nourishment as rich as our daily greens!

More about Beauty Cleanse

The perfectly nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables are often rejected and thrown away by the food industry due to aesthetic reasons, unfortunately often referred to as "ugly produce". Beauty Cleanse embrace the ethos of "less waste, more beauty" with a strong commitment to a circular economy and conscious consumptioin. This dedication extends to packaging, utilising 100% recyclable and recyled materials.

Founder Saman, founded Beauty Cleanse after her own struggle with Diabetes with prominent symptoms of severe fatigue, muscle pains and skin inflammation. Having embraced a complete plant-based lifestyle and having successful managed her symptoms she wondered if plant-based foods that worked so well for her body could work for her skin too. The more she delved into the advantages of plant-based ingredients in skincare, the more her eyes were opened to the substantial waste.

Saman's unwavering quest for planet-friendly ingredients eventually led to her discovery of upcycled versions of these superfoods and it was a match made in heaven.

One of Beauty Cleanse Skincare's best-sellers in the Face Oil For Sensitive Skin - Mean Green Superfood Drops. This multi-purpose, powerhouse nourishes and revitalises skin, enhances hair strength and shine and fortifies nails. Highly concentrated it is formulated with a careful selection of antioxidant-rich superfood oils that protect against inflammation, balance excess oil production, replenish skin's microbiome and accelerate healing for a clear and radiant complexion. It's an 8-in-1 product.

For every product purchase, 1% goes to a charity called The Felix Project which aims to tackle food waste and poverty.