Amor Sui

Amor Sui - Formulations for mind, body and soul. Amor Sui combine ingredients with holistic practices to bring you thoughtful, rebalancing effective self-care.

More about Amor Sui

Natural extracts are selected to achieve optimum results.Their collection includes body care, with oils, creams and scrubs as well as facial products, candles and room sprays.Their Inner Glow Body Cream is a best-seller. Envelope your skin and senses with this ultra rich skin cream. Containing Rosehip Oil, which is high in Vitamin A to brighten skin and help boost collagen, Vitamin A and C rich Pumpkin Seed Oil, which has anti-aging properties, and Vitamin E to protect and heal skin.Their Rose Quartz Pillow Mist is also a firm favourite.Why not practise some self-love with this essential oil pillow spray. Made with Rose Quartz Crystals, Rose Damask and Rose Geranium and Cedarwood Essential Oils. This luxurious mist calms, destresses and adds luxury to your home.