Simple Sustainable Beauty and Household Switches You Can Make Today

We all want to do our best for the planet but it can be tricky to know where to start. Thankfully you don’t need to immediately overhaul your life to be more eco-friendly. You can start by making a few simple sustainable beauty and household switches. Not only will these benefit the planet – but your purse as well! Below is a run down of some of the best sustainable swaps you can make today…

Swap your laundry detergent and fabric conditioner with… an EcoEgg

Rather than using plastic detergent bottles and tubs, the EcoEgg is a rather nifty device that comprises a reusable plastic egg, which you fill with a laundry pellets for each wash. These pellets work to get your clothes clean while being devoid of toxic chemicals – plus they are non-biological and suitable for sensitive skin. Once you run out, you can hold on to your EcoEgg to use again, and just stock up on more tablets. Working out at 14p per wash (10p when you refill) they’re a cost-efficient as well as eco-friendly solution to doing your laundry.

Swap your bathroom bottles for… shampoo bars

Solid bar versions of our favourite bathroom essentials are becoming all the rage, not just because they’re plastic free, but they last a long time and are easy to throw in a gym bag or travel with. (Not being subject to liquid restrictions on flights, they’re perfect to pack in your carry-on!) This Shampoo Conditioner & Luxury Salt Soap Set features award-winning conditioner and shampoo bars from Kind2, together with a Dook Soap Bar which is made up of 50% of exfoliating and purifying Himalayan pink salt. And for those scraps of soap you get when the bar is nearly run down, you can use the Tabitha Soap Saver to collect and carry on using them, so nothing gets wasted!
Or you could opt for the Shampoo & Shave set, which contains the aforementioned Soap Saver and one of Kind2’s cult shampoo bars, together with a Beauty Kin Shaving Bar designed to reduce razor burn – ideal for gym-loving guys on the go!

Swap your disposable packaging for… refillable products

Say goodbye to single-use! Indie brands like Milly and Sissy are changing the game when it comes to desirable, refillable products that means less plastic ends up as landfill. Offering beautiful glass and aluminium bottles with refillable sachets of hand wash and shower gel, your bathroom will never have looked so good – as well as scoring you some eco-brownie points in the bargain.

Swap your self-tanner and SPF sprays for … natural and organic versions

Self-tanner and SPF products are among the worst offenders for the environment, often containing chemicals that can pollute the oceans and atmosphere (particularly the volatile organic compounds present in aerosol sprays). Luckily you can switch to more sustainable versions like Evolve Organic’s Summer Glow Bundle which comprises a Sunless Glow Body Lotion and Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 50ml for the face, each of which contain at least 99% natural ingredients, with pump (not aerosol) applicators. So you can get summer-ready while creating less of a carbon footprint.

Swap your regular cleaning products with … plastic-free, low carbon alternatives

Yes even humble cleaning products are getting an eco-chic makeover. Take Neat, with there oh-so-stylish refillable cleaning solution. Did you know most cleaning products are 90% water? Why are we shipping water around! Not only have Neat eliminated single-use plastic and instead use aluminium which are designed to be refilled forever, their concentrated refillable cleaning solutions are plant-based and made with biodegradable ingredients. Plus everything is made right here in the UK too, so there’s less fuel required.

Shop the simple switches

So there you have it – being eco-friendly doesn’t mean striving for perfection. A few swaps to more sustainable products can make all the difference when it comes to helping the planet. What eco-friendly switches have you made recently? Let us know in the comments…

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