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International Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day

Let's Celebrate Women!

To kick-start our celebration, we are showcasing some of the amazing collective of female founders that are featured within the Counter Culture Store with interviews with a number of our female founders.

Holly Tucker promoting International Women's Day 2022

Copyright: Holly Tucker - 2022

Today is a day to celebrate women's achievements. And at Counter Culture we have so many amazing female founders to celebrate! More than 70 inspirational women who've founded sustainable and ethical businesses. They are innovative, creative, passionate and resilient and they're focused on creating products which seek to minimise the impact on the earth's natural resources both in terms of the ingredients and the packaging they utilise and via an array of strategies such as:

  • Waterless beauty with the potential for more active ingredients and compact and lighter packaging reducing its' carbon footprint
  • Upcycled beauty with hero ingredients derived from the by-products of other manufacturing processes
  • Refillable options which allow bottles to be bought once and refills shipped, reducing waste and carbon footprint

Check out just a few of the inspirational women behind some of our brands and tune into Counter Culture TV to hear more.

https://youtu.be/VwNIEQ1mJLg Go to our YouTube Channel

Address the inequality in society


Beyond celebrating our own inspiring women in business the theme for International Women's Day this year is #BreakTheBias.

Beyond celebrating our own inspiring women in business the theme for International Women's Day this year is #BreakTheBias. It's about raising awareness and taking action to address the bias that exists for women and girls around the world today.

So we were really excited to interview Ruby Raut, Founder & CEO of WUKA (Wake Up & Kiss Ass), one of the newest brands joining Counter Culture. Ruby's story has female empowerment at it's very core. Founded in 2017, WUKA is a female-led startup, who made the UK's first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear. WUKA put equality, social and environmental responsibility at the heart of what they do and they're passionate about smashing taboos, innovation and sustainability and menstrual health. Hear first-hand from Ruby about her own experiences of being shunned from the family home during her periods, how this practise still exists today in many parts of the developing world and how that inspired how to found WUKA.


To learn more from organisations and initiatives striving to champion women's equality around the world visit UN Women or checkout the UN SDG5, the Sustainable Development Goal that is focused on Gender Equality.

Or check out The Observers' feature on Women Around the World as they highlight some of our best coverage of the lives of women around the world.

Holly Tucker promoting International Women's DAy

Holly Tucker - 2022

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Holly Tucker promoting International Women's DAy

International Women’s Day 2022


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