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We all know that self-care and self-love is vital to our physical and mental wellbeing. Solasta Skin was founded to remind us of that. Founder Jess has created a fabulous range of luxurious, eco multi-tasking products to help you build your own a skin & body care ritual.

With our busy lives it can be hard to find a some time to indulge in self care. That’s why Jess has formulated a number of high performance, multi-purpose products. Meaning you can pamper in less time and with fewer products.

We love multi-purpose products as a way to reduce the impact on the planet. Fewer products means less packaging and waste.

Solasta’s products are not just great for the planet…they are great for you and your skin. Solasta is actually an old Scottish word meaning means luminous or bright….whether you. use Solasta’s healing bath soak, exfoliating scrubs or restorative oils…you’ll  definitely feel more luminous afterwards.

Solasta Skin uses a number of natural ingredients, including earth grown exfoliants,  healing plant oils and  nutrient rich fruits. 

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