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The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

Handmade Organic Luxury Soaps made in Edinburgh, Scotland UK.  Natural skincare made without artificial colouring, preservatives or fragrance.

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About the Brand: The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

Since 2010, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company has been on a mission to create a 100% natural skincare range that would suit all skin types using only the purest of ingredients that really work. They believe in the power of mother nature to provide us with the best natural ingredients.
Edinburgh’s range has been carefully formulated and hand crafted to get the very best out of every single natural ingredient so you feel the full benefit of nature’s touch on your skin. 

Only Cold-Processed Soap

Only Natural Ingredients

Each one of our products and fragrance blends is made with the purest essential oils and 100% natural ingredients to enrich your skin and indulge your senses.

Using a combination of natural cleansing and nourishing ingredients with a traditional slow-cured manufacturing process you get the perfect bar of soap. Soap that is better for the environment, healthier for the skin and incredibly moisturising.

Signature Handcream Bars

Made with the most skin-nourishing ingredients our signature solid hand cream bars are designed to look after your hard-working hands. Our rich balm is the most effective way to moisturise with zero-waste.

100% Pure Fragrances

Our distinctive and nuanced fragrances are handcrafted using the purest essential oils. Each one is designed for a different mood-lifting experience and to leave your skin smelling and feeling incredible.

Luxury Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

We use as many locally sourced products as possible in each one of our products or ethical traders who cultivate with care in the right conditions. We strive to keep waste to a minimum with re-usable and recyclable packaging.
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