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Your body often comes second to your face, but a good bodycare regime in vital for keeping your skin healthy, your limbs detoxed and keep issues like stretch marks, body acne and flaky dry skin on legs at bay. It’s incredibly relaxing too, especially if you use organic body products with essential oils that work to lift the mood as well as care for the skin. Read more

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You might only have a few minutes to shower and get ready, but indulging in some body care rituals a few times a week should be a necessity. Just as you exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise your face, the rest of your body needs that same loving care and attention. Plus a sublimely scented shower gel can make a world of difference to your mood when you wake up in the morning. While keeping a hard working hand cream by your kitchen sink will prevent dry, chapped skin.

From relaxing with some organic bath bombs (we love Fer Beauty Boutique’s Pamper Gift Set), to delicately slathering on a body oil (such as Bunch Skincare’s Tone Organic Body Oil with soothing scents of juniper and rosemary), regular body care can make a world of difference to how you look and feel. And for parents and parents-to-be, a tummy balm such as Nathalie Bond’s Baby Balm is great at preventing stretch marks and keeping skin soft. It can be used on your little ones too!

Frequent gym-goer? Then you might want to stock up on some bodycare essentials to help revive those weary limbs after a spin class or squash session. If you’ve just done an early morning workout, then MSA’s Uplift Shower Gel will give you that extra energy boost to get you through the rest of the day. And when you’ve got back from a lunchtime yoga class, a body mist like Corinne Taylor’s Herb Water Face & Body Mist will help you to refresh and refocus.

And if you struggle getting off to sleep at night, take time before bed to apply a few organic body products with relaxing fragrances. Taking some time for bodycare will help calm the mind and help your brain switch to ‘sleep mode’.

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