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The story of our products begins with the power of plants. Waphyto is deeply dedicated to sourcing the highest quality botanicals, grown according to the most exacting Japanese agricultural standards. From there, product creator Atsuko Morita combines the best that mother nature has to offer with the latest biomethodological advancements to create beauty alchemy. Waphyto products are specially crafted to support a healthy, beautiful lifestyle for women and men of all ages. READ MORE


Waphhyto Logo
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It’s all about Plant biomethodology

Plant biomethodology connects people and nature. With this in mind, Waphyto founder Atsuko Morita has devoted a lifetime to studying plant sciences. Her award-winning discoveries have made her a leading authority in the field of biomethodological phytotherapy – a combination of French phytotherapy and traditional Japanese herbology. Morita utilizes modern biotechnology and genetic engineering to source effective botanical ingredients for her innovative, targeted products.

A lifetime of health and beauty

Drawing from years of experience as a phytotherapist, Waphyto creator Atsuko Morita is a passionate wellness advocate for women. She specializes in female self-care, fertility issues, and reproductive health – including nutritional supplements and self-care products. Whether for prenatal or postnatal care, working through menopause, or addressing mental health challenges, phytotherapy has many benefits for women at all stages of life.

With a passion for preserving the purity of nature, Waphyto works to ensure that we meet the highest standards of our company’s scientists and herbalists, as well as those of today’s socially responsible marketplace.

Clean beauty

We are committed to producing products that are Elemental, Ethical, Environmental and Empowering. These four keywords keep us dedicated to our definition of clean beauty and accountable to our amazing customers. 

From Mikawa, Japan

Located on the geological Median Tectonic Line, the longest fault zone in Japan, the Mikawa region is one of the most energized places on earth. The shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who once ruled this region, was said to be an accomplished herbalist. It is believed that even during the dangerous Warring States period, he lived a long and healthy life, thanks to the soil of Mikawa, which yielded a treasure trove of vitamin-rich plants and botanicals. Today, we have chosen Mikawa as our base for securing the finest natural ingredients. The nutrient-dense soil produces safe, high-potency, plant-based ingredients, which are recognized by experts in geology, agriculture and pharmacology. We are also committed to the revitalization of the Mikawa Region, working to preserve its unique history and geographic specialties for generations to come.

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