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A serum is a product with a lightweight texture that gets swiftly absorbed into the skin. Serums are intense, targeted treatments designed to treat particular skin concerns. As a serum tends to contain high amounts of active ingredients, it’s best to use one on its own rather than mixing and matching, to avoid irritation. Plus, combining lots of different active ingredients together can render them less effective, so even the best vitamin c serum won’t do its job if you mix it with lots of other products with strong ingredients, such as retinol. READ MORE

Serums & Retinol

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It’s important to choose the right products to suit what your skin needs. Sensitive skin is when the skin’s barrier is disrupted and can react badly to skincare products, often flaring up in an itchy rash. When it comes to treating sensitive skin, it’s important to use products that don’t contain common irritants such as fragrance, sulphates and parabens. Brands like Balmista, SOS Serum and Elan Skincare have gentle, skin-soothing formulas especially for sensitive skin.

If you have combination skin you may experience dryness and flaky skin on the cheeks, together with an oily t-zone, which can be shiny and prone to spots. For combination skin, a gentle approach to skincare is vital, using products that aren’t either too heavy or too drying. Brands like Barnaby Skincare and Wild Rising Natural Skincare contain nourishing and hydrating blends that are perfect for this skin type.

You can tell if your skin is oily if you frequently get spots on your t-zone and cheeks, as well as having a shiny-looking complexion. While oily skin is more prone to breakouts (and in severe cases, acne) it’s also less likely to get premature lines and wrinkles. We have some excellent natural skincare products for acne, including the multi award-winning Skin Genius, a 100% natural and organic skincare brand starring hardworking vegan botanicals to banish acne-causing bacteria. (It’s particularly good for hormonal teenage skin.)

Dry and mature skin lacks vital lipids (oils) and as a result often feels tight and uncomfortable, especially after cleansing. It can also have a rough, flaky texture. You’re less likely to get spots, but you’re also more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Choose skin creams and oils with emollient ingredients such as squalene, lanolin and cocoa butter to leave skin feeling comfortable and replenished. Melitta Mezsaros and  Atlantis Skincare are two wonderful vegan ranges with products particularly designed for dry and mature skin types.

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