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skin:genius has been expertly developed to reduce and prevent acne, spots and breakouts in a powerful, yet gentle and effective way. Due to the personal experience and finding a gap in the market for natural products that worked with your skin, Co-founder Julia Vearncombe Beautician/Hairdresser joined forces with friend Hilery Dorrian, Homeopath and original co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals. READ MORE

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Multi award-winning, skin:genius uses 100% natural, organic and vegan active botanicals that work with the skin, working to reduce and prevent the bacteria causing breakouts. By using quality active ingredients in lower concentrations, you can attack one issue from many angles, reducing the sensitivity of the products, multiplying the benefits.

  • This 3-step skincare routine is suitable for teens and adults.
  • Easy and quick to use, commit to just 3 minutes twice daily.
  • It works – enjoy watching your skin confidence return.
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