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Our Organic Rose Water Spritz can be used in several ways:

  1. As a rich, hydrating (alcohol free!) toner

    Spritz directly onto your face and neck after cleansing, our organic rosewater packs a lot of hydration, helping to revitalize and moisturise your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalised, helping to delicately calm blemishes and reduce redness.

  2. To use with our Daily Serum or Night Balm in our 3-step skincare routine

    Almost all skin creams and lotions are made from water mixed with a bit of oil. To make sure this water mixes with the oil and feels ‘thick,’ a lot of chemicals are added. In addition, in a cream (which is exposed to the air) the manufacturers have to add biocides (preservatives) to kill bugs that can grow in the water…these also damage your natural skin flora. Even many ‘natural’ or organic skin preparations use such chemicals – they have to by law! Because we don’t add water to any of our balms or serums we don’t need to add any of these chemicals. So, for those who prefer a lighter cream or serum, but want to maintain the natural balance of your skin, our Rosewater, in its airtight aluminium bottle, is a fab solution. After cleaning, simply spritz one or two sprays of organic rosewater on the face then, whilst your skin is still damp, massage in a couple of drops of our face serum or night balm for a beautifully light, moisturising treat…without any of the ‘nasties’.

  3. As a refreshing spritz throughout the day – Feel those Happy Vibes!

    The aroma of roses has long been used as a powerful mood enhancer, reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting happy feelings. In addition, rosewater can balance the pH of the skin and has traditionally been used to reduce inflation and soothe acne, eczema and sunburn. We love to use our spritz throughout the day for a moisturising ‘wake up’ and happy boost.

  4. As a pillow spray

    Some people find the aroma of rose helps them to sleep. A couple of sprays on your pillow of our natural organic rosewater spray, made from thousands and thousands of damask rose petals could be just the job to help you fall into a happy dream.

Our organic rosewater spritz contains only Organic Rose Flower Water (Rosa damascena).

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