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Saint Iris

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When’s the last time your skin really glowed? With its energising natural formulas and irresistible fjaka factor, SAINT IRIS helps de-stress body and mind, leaving skin smoother, brighter and radiant with wellbeing. Read More

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It’s the antidote to urban stress which Croatians believe comes simply from doing what you love. SAINT IRIS is designed to deliver fjaka on tap whenever, wherever you need it with get-up-and-glow products to help you get back in balance.

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Why Saint Iris? It’s a name inspired by the Sweet Iris of Dalmatia, traditionally offered to goddesses and saints for protecting spice cargoes en route from East to West via Adriatic ports. This delicate bloom, which thrives in the rockiest terrains, symbolises grace and resilience – the perfect emblem for SAINT IRIS.

Created for time-stressed people with a passion for skin wellness, SAINT IRIS is inspired by the abundant plants, remedies and sea spas of the sun-drenched Adriatic. Powered by these dynamic active ingredients, our sensual formulas have a transformative effect on skin’s ecosystem, body and mind.

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Saint Iris is a dream fulfilled. Saint Iris is a tribute to my British life and Croatian / Yugoslav heritage where the innovative British plant life science meets spirit of wellbeing that comes naturally from Adriatic’s sea spas, snow-capped mountains and wild spaces. It’s a brand for people with affinity for blissful living and skin wellness results.

I have taken the most potent, clinically proven natural and biotech ingredients inspired by the traditional folk remedies I grew up with to power formulas that strengthen face, body and mind against city stress. The soul of each product is fjaka, the essential ingredient to a balanced Adriatic way of life. Call it mindfulness in action or simply a state of bliss, fjaka comes naturally from living in the now and loving the feeling. With its sensual textures and uplifting, natural scent, Saint Iris delivers the bliss whenever and wherever you need it.

Follow your fjaka with Saint Iris.

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