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Skincare for the Skin Barrier

Matter of Skin doesn’t just care about what goes into its products. From initial sourcing of ingredients to the post-consumer phase, integrating sustainable practices throughout our products’ lifecycle has an impact. Each product has been developed with full circle sustainability in mind in an effort to be a part of the change. Read More

More about Matter of Skin

What matters to Matter of Skin? Integrating sustainability with transparency across products. Developed with full circle sustainability and the microbiome in mind, bridging the gap between performance and sustainability.


All of Matter of Skin’s formulations have been developed with the skin’s microbiome in mind. In addition to delivering specific skin benefits, each formula works to optimise skin barrier health and function. All products have a skin friendly pH of 4.7-5.0 in order to ensure compatibility with the skin barrier. Matter of Skin’s product ethos is to be minimal, intentional and efficacious.

Low Carbon Packaging MATTERS

Matter of Skin’s packaging has been designed to be minimal, practical and with end-of-use in mind to optimise returns. They are resource efficient, utilising approximately 80% less plastic by volume and require less water and energy to manufacture. They equally have a much lower lower carbon footprint during transportation, storage and shipping due to their compact size. Using Matter of Skin’s free returns system, every spout pouch will be upcycled and repurposed with TerraCycle via their Zero Waste Box, reducing packaging waste by 100%. We hope every purchase follows with a packaging return!

Traceability MATTERS

Increased transparency and awareness of the impact across product and operations are key to improved decision making. Knowing exactly what goes into products enables Matter of Skin to continuously improve our sustainability practices and reclaim ownership of our supply chain. All our formulations are up to 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free with successfully passed preservative challenge testing, stability testing and safety assessments.
Whilst certification logos are great for marketing and customer recognition, these are licensed trademarks that come with an annual fee, this would add to the overhead costs of products, a cost which ultimately is transferred to the customer. Instead, we supply the documentation to confirm this. 

Where it comes from MATTERS

The sustainability of Matter of Skin’s entire supply chain and final product is influenced by the sustainability performance of each of Matter of Skin’s partners in the chain. Working with transparent suppliers who mirror the brand’s goals and values ensures that we are investing in conscious businesses and supporting social, economic and environmentally sound practices both within and beyond our direct supply chain.
As a business, supplier collaboration provides us access to an informed and likeminded network of people who help improve decision making and extend the brand’s access to greater sustainable resources. Within an industry so heavily dominated by MOQs (minimum order quantities), suppliers offering alternatives at volumes accessible to smaller businesses allows more opportunity to make sustainable choices. Matter of Skin have chosen their manufacturer as well as ingredient and packaging suppliers based on quality assurance and transparency of information as well as those who have embraced sustainability strategies with ambitious targets. Some of these initiatives include a comprehensive ethical and sustainable sourcing program, engagement in resource management and carbon reduction strategies as well as the development of increasingly innovative products as well as climate-neutral materials and services.

Packaging MATTERS

Packaging returns allow increased traceability and control of waste streams. Matter of Skin’s packaging has been designed to make circular recycling system as straightforward as possible. Using free returns system, every spout pouch will be repurposed and upcycled into new products via TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box, reducing packaging waste by 100%. We also commit to offsetting the carbon on 100% of shipments and packaging returns. That is why we encourage every purchase to follow with a commitment to return and be a part of the change that matters!
Matter Of Skin Low Carbon Packaging
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