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Inspiring Female Founder Stories

Yanika Cordina
Cordina Haircare

Earth from Earth

Nada Ward
Beauty Kin

It’s clear…whatever we buy will have an impact on planet and people. It can be big, small, negative or positive…but what we do in our daily lives really does make a difference.

At Counter Culture we champion brands which are doing their best to make a positive difference. 

We are particularly passionate about championing female-led brands. That’s why we’re working in partnership with BuyWomenBuilt to showcase amazing brands built by women.

Why? We’re glad you asked. 

But first, can you name 5 great female founders? If you can’t you’re not alone. A recent poll provides part of the answer. Nearly all could name a male founder. Whereas a staggering 81% of 11-18-year olds are unable to name single female entrepreneur. 

Why is that? Are there no memorable female entrepreneurs?

Of course not. Most female entrepreneurs start businesses to solve their own problems, they reimagine what’s possible and end up creating some of the most forward-thinking, disruptive, and exciting products on the market.

You probably buy and use their products everyday…you just don’t know they’re built by women…because for various, unfathomable reasons the stories of these amazing women aren’t told. 

There is another reason to Buy Women Built. There are 30% fewer female entrepreneurs in the UK compared to the US, and only 3% of funded British businesses are female founded. If women started businesses at the same rate as in other developed countries that would add an extra £200 billion to our economy.  By shopping more women built brands, we can together unleash the powerful contribution these businesses can make to our economy, our future, and our communities.

Our hope is that by showcasing amazing brands built by women, we can raise the profiles great female founders to harness the power of consumer spending, in turn creating a fairer, stronger society. 

That’s why we’ve created the She Creates Beauty series. Each time we will be telling the story of one of our amazing brand founders. 

We hope this series  shining a light on the entrepreneurs of today. It’s also about inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. You can’t be what you can’t see. Making women built brands more visible not only lifts up existing entrepreneurs but also allows the next generation of girls to dream bigger. And the bigger girls dream, the stronger and fairer our economy will be.


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