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Men! It's time to get that barber fresh finish, everyday with Heist Labs

Heist Of London Mens Haircare

Tired of the ‘towel and gel’ approach to men’s hair styling? It’s time to say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair. Heist of London has come to the rescue. Get that barber fresh finish, everyday with these amazing men’s hair styling products.

Tired of borrowing their partner’s hairdryer, Heist of London founders, decided it was time to ditch the towel and introduced the Heist Hair Dryer which featured a Patented Precision Grip and Powerful 80MPH Engine and was highly praised by GQ.

In 2020, buoyed by their hairdryer success the company launched Heist Labs. A hairstyling brand just for men. Heist Labs hero products have been formulated especially for mens hair needs.  Providing essential supplements to give you that barber-fresh feel.

Use Heist’s matt clay for strong hold and definition. 

Or try a more relaxed, beach look with Heist’s Sea Salt Spray.

All of Heist’s products are parabens-free, cruelty-free and come in 100% recyclable packaging.

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"Best men's hair products to achieve any style"

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