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A unique range of hair & skin care waterless powders. Every single formulation had to be re-engineered to only keep the essential. Finding the balance between product sensoriality, efficacy, safety & results wasn’t an easy task! 

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More About Dust & Glow

In today’s world being GREEN, CLEAN or SUSTAINABLE is not enough anymore. At Dust & Glow we want to look at the full eco system. We acknowledge that we are at the beginning of our journey and will endeavour to move towards a circular economy. On our quest to being a low waste, conscious brand we teamed up with the experts at Circularity NZ. These clever folks (women) helped us see clearly and validate our guiding principles. We will keep you updated along the way – feel free to send us some suggestions too! We focus our efforts on 3 key pillars: 1- Our impact on the planet  2- Our impact on people 3- Our impact on animals

Dust & Glow’s Mission:
Saving water, reducing carbon footprint & reducing plastic waste in your bathroom

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