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Hands and Feet

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Hands & Feet

Our hands and feet can often get a little neglected, but they go through a lot each day and need extra special care. Read more

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Hand cream is so important to use on a daily basis, not least give the increase in hand washing, To prevent skin becoming dry and irritated over time, choose a hand cream with calming ingredients such as calendula, which stars in Amor Sui’s Restore Hand Cream to rescue weatherbeaten mitts. (A top tip – put a hand cream on at night, so it can properly absorb and work its magic while you sleep.) Investing in a good hand soap is also a great idea, especially one that contains moisturising ingredients and essential oils to leave hands nourished as well as cleansed. The Good Zest Company’s Organic Handmade Orange Zest Soap is packed with orange essential oils and certified organic ingredients to leave hands happy and clean.

And have you ever tried a hand scrub? The perfect first step for any manicure, scrubs are essential for dealing with dry skin on hands, buffing away any flaky debris, so previously chapped knuckles feel smooth and your hand cream can absorb even better. What’s more, products like hand scrub and hand cream force you to put down your phone and focus on yourself, which can only be a good thing! Elan Skincare’s Hand and Body Scrub is a treat to use, with a delicious chocolate and orange scent and hydrating vitamin E – plus it can be used on the rest of the body too!

Our feet also need looking after, rather than just an afterthought to our bodycare regime. The skin on our feet is extra thick and prone to dryness – especially if you’re wearing sandals. A foot soak like Sublimo Bath & Foot Salts is a good way to soften up the skin on your feet (and not to mention is supremely relaxing!), while a foot scrub can get rid of any roughness on the skin. When it comes to foot cream, you need something that is richly moisturising but doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. Arnica & Cupuaçu Body Moisturiser is super hydrating and absorbs quickly, making it perfect to use on areas like dry heels.

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