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Body Moisturisers and Oils

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Moisturisers & Oils

Applying a body moisturiser or body oil is probably one of the most relaxing beauty rituals there is. And it’s often vital for quenching dry, scaly limbs or treating rough patches on knees and elbows.  If you’re wondering what causes dry skin on the body,  factors can include changes in the weather; the foods you eat; taking medication; a reaction to harsh skincare products; and by not exfoliating enough. It can also occur naturally with ageing, when the skin doesn’t produce as much oil, which can lead it to feel slightly rough and flaky. Read more

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The first step is to pick a good body lotion for dry skin, which contains emollients. These are types of ingredients that work to moisturise the skin and strengthen its natural barrier, preventing dryness, irritation and water loss. These can include shea butter, lanolin, fatty acids and Vitamin E. Starest Glow Whipped Body Butter is rich in nourishing omega fatty acids with a luxuriously fluffy texture. A body cream with an uplifting fragrance is a joy to use and will leave your skin sweetly scented as well as soft – try The Good Zest Company’s Organic Lime & Bergamot Body Lotion for some post-shower ‘zing’.

Like a body moisturiser, a body oil is also essential for nourishing dry skin, replenishing lipid levels and locking in moisture to leave skin supple, soft and hydrated. Oils containing ingredients like rosehip and Vitamin C can help rejuvenate dull skin and give limbs a healthy glow.  Bunch Skin and Haircare Tone Organic Body Oil works to detoxify the skin, with coffee and rosemary extracts – plus it comes in a recyclable glass bottle, winning it extra eco brownie points!

And did you know there are some types of body moisturiser that can even provide a gradual glow– so you can get sunkissed skin without having to subject it to those damaging UVs. Evolve Organic – Sunless Glow Body Lotion delivers a good dose of hydration with aloe vera and shea butter, while adding a subtle tan thanks to a clever ingredient erythrulose (a type of sugar that comes from red berries). While the formula ticks a lot of green beauty boxes, being completely natural, vegan and organic.

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