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Sustainable Beauty & Pre-Loved Fashion

A Planet Positive Partnership

360,000 tonnes of the textiles thrown away in the UK every year are clothes. 

The average item of clothing is only worn 10 times before being discarded.

Secondhand Styling UK is a sustainable fashion venture that aims to transform the shopping habits of consumers and make secondhand “fashionable” and accessible for all. Their e-commerce platform offers a circular clothing service whereby people can swap, shop and style their ready-to-love-again fashion with other members of their community. 

With this exciting partnership conscious consumers, looking to re-home quality clothing, will be rewarded with a £5 Counter Culture Store Gift Card every time they submit pre-loved fashion items.  The gift card can be redeemed on-line for sustainable beauty and wellbeing products from Counter Culture Store.

Counter Culture is home to over 100 sustainable and ethical brands.  Ranging from beauty B Corps leading the way to small, indie brands all of whom are focused on creating high-performing products whilst continually striving to reduce their impact on the earth’s natural resources. 

Lucy Norris - Founder of Second Hand Stylinging

“We champion progress, not perfection.  We founded Counter Culture Store to empower consumers to discover, shop and switch to more sustainable alternatives.  Our mantra “Just One Switch” is predicated on the belief that millions of us, making small changes in our everyday lives, can collectively make a difference.  If you consider that we all typically use 12 - 16 beauty and personal care products every single day, it’s easy to see how” said Wendy Martin, co- founder of Counter Culture Store. 

Whilst Lucy Norris, founder of Secondhand Styling UK commented “The pre-loved scene has not always been trendy. It’s getting there slowly, but I’d really like to improve its perception. By sharing my authentic tips, advice, insight and resources, my members can style secondhand and look fantastic! Together we can re-home clothes and keep them out of landfills.”

Our partnership will reward consumers for their planet-positive actions and encourage the switch to more sustainable shopping.  We’ll share tips on how to pair sustainable beauty products with pre-loved fashion finds to encourage our growing community of like-minded individuals to regularly revamp their style from season to season without being wasteful.  It’s a win-win for people & planet! 

To start your pre-loved fashion journey and earn Counter Culture Store credit visit: www.secondhandstyling.co.uk

120 million units of packaging are produced by the beauty and personal care industry every year. We know the rates of recycling are low.  It’s estimated that of the 14% of packaging that actually makes it to a recycling plant, only 9% is recycled and the rest heads directly to landfill.

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