Six Things To Look For When You're Shopping Sustainably

ethy, the sustainable shopping app share their views on how we turn the tide on climate anxiety inducing talk and inspire positive action and empowerment in our everyday lives instead.

What’s the challenge?

Most of us want to live a little more sustainably, but there are lots of factors to consider when you’re trying to make good choices for people and the planet. Plastic, carbon emissions, animal welfare, workers’ rights… It can be hard to know what to look out for.

And let’s be honest, a lot of the language around sustainability is quite bleak. We talk about ‘harm’, ‘damage’, ‘waste’ and ‘consequences’, so how can we get excited about a cleaner, greener tomorrow and actively choose good products when everything sounds so depressing?

Do you know what to look for when your shopping sustainably?

What’s the solution?

Typically, if we focus on something, we get more of that, and we don't want more climate change, we want a stable climate, a clean planet, equality, and good health.

So, instead, ethy asked - what should we focus on to have the most impact right now? Which actions would help to make a sustainable future a reality?

This is why we they created six overall sustainability paths to lead us into a sustainable future. It is how we can turn the negative narrative on its head and it starts with the way we talk.

For example, instead of climate change, we want to aim for a stable climate. So, let’s start asking ourselves, our community and brands around us - how can we create a stable climate?

The six optimistic things to look for

This positive outlook is reflected in the language of ethy's accreditation system which covers what they think are the most important areas of sustainability. These six areas of optimism – which we call our paths – will be vital if we’re to achieve a truly sustainable future.

Look out for the ethy trust marks which make it easy for brands to illustrate their accreditation and good green efforts in these areas. Trust marks help you see at-a-glance how the products you choose are making a meaningful difference – with no negativity in sight!

ethy's accreditation system

To learn more about ethy's accreditation system and how it can help you shop more ethically and sustainably visit the full article HERE

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