Wake Up & Kick Ass: Interview with Ruby Raut, Founder of WUKA

Wake Up & Kick Ass: Interview with Ruby Raut, Founder of WUKA


Welcome to our interview with WUKA founder, Ruby Raut. WUKA is a female-led start up that makes the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear.

Ruby grew up in Nepal where shame around having your period was rife. To give some context, Nachune is the Nepalese word for period, and this translates to ‘untouchable’. When Ruby herself started her period, she experienced a form of Chapaudi now illegal in Nepal. This meant she was sent away during her menstruation period and wasn’t allowed to go out in the sun, look at men, or touch plants as it was believed she would kill them. Anything she was given to manage her periods at this time was both ineffective and unhygienic.

When she arrived in the UK, Ruby was surprised at the number of menstrual products available to women here but was also shocked by the environmental impact products such as tampons and pads could have. In fact, while studying Environmental Sciences Ruby discovered that more than 200,000 tonnes of tampons and pads were sent to UK landfills every year, contributing to the mounting tide of plastic pollution. This was her lightbulb moment and WUKA was born! WUKA stands for Wake UP and Kick Ass because the Ruby, and her company, believes nothing should hold you back while you are on your period.

Here, Ruby tells us more about the mission behind WUKA, how she hopes it can help women across the world, and her plans for the future.

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