Beauty Bloggers Take The #JustOneSwitch Challenge

Our Just One Switch Campaign is gaining momentum with some fabulous features in these great beauty blogs.   We challenged these bloggers to swap some conventional beauty products for more sustainable alternatives.  Here's their take on how easy it was to make #JustOneSwitch.  

Charlotte Dillon

The Balanced Midlife blog


Meet Charlotte (@charlotte__dillon) who runs The Balanced Midlife blog focusing on conscious beauty, sustainable living and ethical gifting. She joined our #justoneswitch campaign in an effort to make her daily routine more sustainable. Charlotte picked a stick deodorant by Posy as she’s been looking for a natural alternative that would be also effective, and she wasn’t disappointed; it performed well for her during a yoga class and she loved the fragrance and ease of use. She was also looking for a sustainable home fragrance product to help her keep the house fresh; not always easy with 3 boys and a dog, as Charlotte admits but Posy’s Grapefruit & Lemon Essential Oil is now a keeper for her. Charlotte has also been looking for a sustainable SPF for a while that would also be gentle to her skin. She loved SOS Serum Skincare SPF 50 Sun Cream which offer broad spectrum protection, is mineral based and contains anti-ingredients and is also gentle and comforting to the skin.

Finally, Charlotte loved her new sustainable skincare tool, the White Gua Shaa Mushroom from Pure Savvy made entirely from white jade, which helps alleviate puffiness and increase the absorption of skincare products. She swapped to it from her old skincare tool with a plastic spiky head and she’s definitely sticking with the new new.

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Laura Ribatallada

Photography Blog


Meet Laura (@lauraribatallada) who is a photographer working with sustainable brands and runs her own blog. She joined #justoneswitch campaign in order to make some further sustainable swaps in her daily beauty routine; in particular, she was looking to swap her current deodorant, SPF and makeup products to more eco-friendly ones. She really liked the fragrance and the performance of the Posy patchouli & orange deodorant. The SOS Serum SPF 50 cream was very gentle on her delicate skin and she is now using it every morning.

She also really enjoyed using the sustainable make up products such as Aura-Lotus lip bloom Cinnamon Dust which gave a beautiful matt finish and stayed on after eating etc.

Finally, the mineral foundation by Honey Minerals worked very well for Laura’s skin type, felt soft and looked natural.

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Alex Grace

Living Pretty Happy


Meet Alex Grace (@livingprettyhappy) who joined #JustOneSwitch campaign in an effort to find eco-friendly make up alternatives. She chose Honeypie Minerals Foundation, Blush and a Powder Brush and she loved them, even though she was a little sceptical about it fearing that it wouldn’t work for her combination skin, but it did. She also loved the fact that the makeup she selected is not only better for the environment, but is also free from all hidden nasties; it’s lightweight enough to allow skin to breathe and contains Zinc Oxide, a natural protector against everyday UV-light exposure. What’s more, it comes at an affordable price which makes it even more attractive!

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Julia Ferrari

Fresh Beauty Fix


Meet Julia Ferrari (@freshbeautyfix) who runs a blog Fresh Beauty Fix on all things sustainable beauty. Julia was impressed with the performance of a natural deodorant by Posy Ginger&Mint, and she also loved its sustainable packaging – it’s made entirely of biodegradable paperboard. She has also made a switch to a shampoo bar instead of using liquid shampoo. She liked POSY’s Ginger & Mint shampoo bar which is made from coconuts with butters and oils to leave hair feeling soft and nourished. She also tried a Get Glowing Face Mask starter kit by Bowe switching from sheet masks. This vegan and cruelty-free powder comes in a refillable jar with a bamboo spoon to scoop the powder out, a beautifully decorated handmade ceramic bowl to put it in , to mix with water and build up the desired consistency. Julia’s skin felt balanced and refreshed afterwards.
Finally, Julia switched a liquid foundation for Honeypie minerals foundation refills. She hasn’t used powder foundations in a while but was keen on this product particularly because it offers refill pouches.

She loved the fact that it came in a 100% certified compostable kraft paper pouch and she was happy with its performance throughout the day.

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Emma York

Beauty Folio


Meet Emma from (@beautyfolio), a green beauty lover and a blogger. She joined #justoneswitch campaign as she was really keen an exploring some of the amazing eco beauty brands offered at Counter Culture Store.

She chose Citron handmade artisan soap by Flamingo Soap, and she loved it; not only for its beautiful appearance and fragrance but also their gentle yet effective performance. What she loved about Flamingo Soap Co in particular was their plantable labels, not only giving you the additional gift of wildflowers in your garden but also helping pollinators do their bit for the environment. Next on, Emma tried an Incredible Hero Balm by Happy Carrot, a great all-rounder as it can be used as a cleansing balm, dry skin remedy, moisturiser and even a lip balm. She liked that it comes in recycled plastic pots, reuses plastic that would otherwise go into landfill and allows you to reuse and recycle the packaging again.

She also switched to the Coffee Face Scrub for dry skin by Scrubee, a great choice if you’re looking for plastic free products that reuse ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfill. Emma loved that it can also be used as a body scrub so is a great way to minimise the amount of your bath products.

Emma also tried Tabitha Even make up pads, a great eco alternative to make-up wipes and cotton wool pads. The organic cotton rounds are designed to use in conjunction with make-up removers and cleansers to wipe away all traces of make-up and daily dirt and grime from the skin, and then pop in the washing machine and re-use.

The Wild Rising Moisturising peppermint lip balm also caught Emma’s eye thanks to its organic ingredients She loved that the product can be used anywhere on the body making it a great multitasker.

Finally, she recommends Zelenci Natural Deodorant as a great natural deodorant switch with solid performance. It comes in a cardboard tube packaging with a formulation that is anti-microbial, gentle, 100% natural, vegan friendly and unisex.

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