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Why Adding Wellness Products To Your Routine Can Make All The Difference

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Why Adding Wellness Products To Your Routine Can Make All The Difference

Over the past few years, people have cottoned onto the benefits of adding wellness products to their routine. Even taking time once a week to use a product designed to boost the mood can really make a difference to our stress levels and overall health – so it’s worth setting aside some time whether it’s an odd quiet evening or a slow Sunday afternoon. 

Relaxing candles have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as stress levels have soared. With their ambient glow and blissful scent, they’re a no-brainer when it comes to boosting our wellbeing. Skincare fans will love BAO Skincare Happiness Candle which smells like their best-selling face cream, with blissful notes of sweet orange and geranium – it’s the perfect accompaniment to to curling up with a good book.

Screenshot 2022 07 16 At 15.50.58
Sweet Orange and Geranium scent is from 100% pure botanical essential oils

When it comes to our beauty regimes, wellness products can really come into their own. Switch out your regular body lotion for richly-scented body oil, which can turn this simple post-shower activity into a relaxing ritual, as well as leaving your skin supremely soft and scented. Solasta Skin Rose Infused Oil is a hybrid product, brimming with organic rosebuds and petals, which can be used on the face, hair, body and even in your bath water.

Screenshot 2022 07 16 At 16.08.34
We love how the organic rose buds & petals are infused in to a blend of oils. It takes at least 4 weeks, but the delicious rose scent is worth the wait

Taking time out for a DIY facial is another way to boost your wellbeing. Corinne Taylor’s Get Your Glow On duo comprises a Deep Cleanse detoxifying face mask with bentonite clay, kaolin and activated charcoal to draw out impurities, together with a Herb Water Botanical face and body mist to refresh and tone the skin.

And for some serious rest and relaxation, Counter Culture have curated some wellness boxes that are designed specifically for this purpose. Wellness boxes also make great gifts for anyone you know who may be feeling a bit frazzled. Their dreamy Bamboo & Bergamot – Rest, Relax & Give Back Wellness Box contains a trio of relaxing treats, including a Bergamot & Bamboo Candle. As relaxing candles go, this definitely holds its own among the best, with its bright and uplifting character – the perfect accompaniment to morning meditation before you begin your day.  And if you’re having issues trying to unwind in the evening, this box also contains Peace Himalayan Bath Salts with organic lavender oil, to help detox the body and calm the mind (lavender being renowned for its ability to soothe the senses). Last but not least is a Spritz Wellness Eye Mask, filled with a removable lavender sachet specifically designed for relaxation – it’s perfect for bedtime, long-haul flights and meditation practice. Plus, for every one of these wellness boxes purchased, a donation is made to the mental health charity Mind, 10 plastic bottles are rescued from the ocean, one new tree is planted, while five mature trees are protected.

When it comes to wellness products, what you put into your body is just as important as the outside. You might be familiar with the benefits of argan oil for hair, but it’s actually great for our gut health too. Which is why the Arganic ‘Inside-Out Beauty’ Set contains two bottles of nourishing argan oil; one is a topical argan oil for hair, body and face, to keep skin soft and supple and add shine to dull or frizzy strands; while the other is a food oil, helping to aid digestion, lower congestion and boost immunity.

Screenshot 2022 07 16 At 16.06.44
Comprising Culinary & Cosmetic Arganic Oil

What are your favourite wellbeing products to help boost your mood? Let us know in the comments…

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