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Waterless beauty: What are the best buys for an eco-friendly routine?

Waterless beauty has a range of benefits. The obvious plus-side to choosing waterless products is the environmental benefits. As they’re not liquid based, they require less packaging to stop them leaking. This is a huge benefit given the beauty industry uses more than 120 billion plastic units per year. Due to the fact they’re lighter than liquid-based alternatives they also require less fuel to transport.

In addition to their environmental credentials, these products also boast a range of other benefits, not least for your skin, especially if it’s on the sensitive side.

But with a growing range of non-liquid-based products available, where do you start? Here, beauty blogger and journalist Viola Levy gives her take on the best waterless beauty buys to create the most eco-friendly skincare routine.

Waterless beauty
Waterless beauty routine

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