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Beauty Tips & Tricks

Dealing with dull skin? Why beauty snacking is the latest trend you should try…

Beauty Tips & Tricks

Dealing with dull skin? Why beauty snacking is the latest trend you should try…

Banner Image Showing Woman Using A Gua Sha Stone On Her Face To Relieve Tension
Dull skin? You might want to try beauty snacking… | Counter Culture

If you’re staring at a laptop all day, you’re probably familiar with the dull skin and energy slump
come 4pm, where you feel like you need a sugar or caffeine hit to keep you going. But given the
amount of us now working from home post-pandemic, a new trend has cropped up which allows us
to have a healthier respite from our screens. It’s called ‘beauty snacking’, which involves taking a
few moments to ourselves by applying our favourite beauty products throughout the day to help us
relax and feel good. With the drastic rise in self-care as a coping mechanism throughout lockdown,
people have been swapping out crisps and cups of coffee for things like face mist and lip scrub as
a pleasant temporary distraction as they wait for a Zoom call to start or a file to download.
So if you’re looking to upgrade your deskside self-care routine with some beauty ‘snacks’, below
are a few to get you started – all with sustainable benefits so these ‘snacks’ are completely guilt-

Tackle dull skin with a face mist

Not only will a few spritzes of a face mist top up your skin’s hydration levels, but it will also wake up
your complexion, giving it a radiance boost and leaving it feeling refreshed. Corinne Taylor’s Herb
Water Face & Body Mist
contains cooling peppermint water, calming aloe vera and skin-soothing witch hazel, while an anti-bacterial blend of tea tree, lavender and clary sage can help keep
breakouts at bay. Oh and it’s vegan and cruelty-free in the bargain.

Use a gua sha stone to relieve tension

Gua sha tools have been used for centuries to boost circulation and relieve tightness in areas like
the temples (especially if you’ve been frowning at a spreadsheet all afternoon). Use Pure Savvy’s
mushroom-shaped natural gua sha stone
to give yourself a quick facial massage to relax and de-
stress in-between meetings.

Have a lip scrub on hand for rough, chapped skin

Whether it’s the cold weather or central heating, if dry, flaky lips are the bane of your life, then
having a lip scrub on hand to gently buff away any rough skin is a no-brainer. BeMine – BePlump
Lip Scrub
does just that with sugar, sweet almond and jojoba oil to leave lips soft and perfectl
prepped for lipstick.

Give tresses a boost with dry shampoo for greasy hair

If you’ve got a zoom call coming up but your hair is a little lacklustre, a sprinkling of dry shampoo tousled through the roots can revive those flagging follicles. Revitalise’s Dry Shampoo for greasy hair contains 100% natural ingredients like rice starch and arrowroot to absorb excess oil and give flat locks a much-needed lift.

Want to make your beauty routine more sustainable? These bloggers did with #justoneswitch –
find out how here …

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