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Meet the brand

Meet the Founder: Gaia&Vie

Meet the brand

Meet the Founder: Gaia&Vie

What was your inspiration, or main mission, when starting your brand?

Our founder Ellie always struggled with her own skin and is really damaged her confidence. When she started formulating my own all-natural face oils and started seeing real changes in my skin and my confidence, she knew she couldn’t keep this formula a secret, it had to be shared to help others on the same journey. So I launched them through Gaia&Vie, and we have been delivering 5* rated skincare products ever since.

Our mission is to bring high- quality sustainable products to every skincare routine. Skincare should never come at the cost of your bank account, or the planet.

How is your business a part of your personal life? Is it your main occupation, or a ‘side hustle’?

Side hustle for now, main hustle in the future (just manifesting)

What type of products do you focus on?

We sell small-batch ethical face oils. They are plant-based and cruelty free and are formulated to give your skin the nutrients it needs to glow, and to help you regain confidence in your natural beauty.

What are your hero ingredients and why?

All our oils are packed with Vitamin E, which maintains long term skin elasticity. This means our face oils don’t just help your skin today, they help it stay glowing in the future too.

What makes your brand different to its competitors on the market?

Gaia&Vie was founded out of the need for a natural skincare solution. Each bottle is made with love and each formula is created because it truly works! We are also committed to bringing you affordable products because good skin shouldn’t cost the earth.

Plus, all orders come with flower seeds, so you can give back to mother nature with every purchase

What does sustainable and ethical beauty mean to you?

Sustainable beauty is locally sourced, made in small batches and uses natural ingredients. Gaia&Vie ensures we stick to all these values. We use UK suppliers that give their workers a fair wage and we use ingredients from non-endangered plant species to help protect natural ecosystems. All our packaging is recyclable and some is even compostable!!! We put the planet first in all our supply chain decisions so you can be confident that your skincare routine is helping the planet not harming it.

What’s the top beauty tip you’d share? 

Your skin is your base, make sure to look after it. Always moisturise and use an SPF daily, even if you have oily skin or it’s a rainy day.

Is there an achievement that you are most proud of?

We were the editors pick for disgraceful magazine in 2020 which was so exciting to get publication recognition. We also sold out of nourish oil in just 4 hours in one of our retail partners!!

What do you see, or hope, for the future of your business?

 This summer we have more products on their way. By 2022 you will be able to have an entire Gaia&Vie skincare routine so you can glow without worrying about your impact on the planet

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