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Meet the brand

Meet the Founder: Atlantis Skincare

Meet Zane, founder of Atlantis Skincare
Meet Zane, founder of Atlantis Skincare

Meet the brand

Meet the Founder: Atlantis Skincare

What was your inspiration, or main mission, when starting your brand?

When I started Atlantis Skincare I was really thinking of all women who are having dry skin issues as a result of changes in body after 40+. Over the years my passion expanded even more and deeper and now I am really passionate about accepting ourselves as we are and start giving back to our bodies to be able to enjoy healthy aging and a healthy happy body full of energy and skin glowing with confidence!

How is your business a part of your personal life? Is it your main occupation, or a ‘side hustle’?

I am a 200% business woman – all my life is about and around my passion and business. I love learning so I keep educating myself so I can add more and more to other women life’s.

What type of products do you focus on?

Atlantis Skincare is a complex of dry, mature, aging skin skincare system and education on how to keep your energy high and skin glowing by adjusting your food and lifestyle.

What are your hero ingredients and why?

One of our hero ingredients is Sea buckthorn oil-amazing oil containing more than 190 plant actives including vitamins and minerals and Omegas too. This amazing oil can be used inside and outside to heal your body and return back to point of balance. This is why it’s called adaptogenic plant.

What makes your brand different to its competitors on the market?

We are not only making fresh, natural, water free, adaptogenic multi award winning skincare for dry, aging skin but we also educate our customers on their health and wellbeing topics and healthy aging.

What does sustainable and ethical beauty mean to you?

I love plants and Mother Earth and I also love my dear clients so it’s about finding balance in everything. Making skincare isn’t easy work to do – I need great fresh ingredients, great formulas, clean laboratory environment + my beloved team to help, and nature friendly but functional packaging and shipping. So to find the balance in everything is a great achievement and gives me satisfaction but also it is an ethical and sustainable way to run the business. Because I am really passionate I also add a pinch of love to everything I do too. You must feel it for sure 🙂

What’s the top beauty tip you’d share? 

As The Facelift Diet coach, I would love to really encourage women around 45 to stop and think how they feel about themselves and body! You are not old and you will not be old in any time future if you will start to invest back in yourselves- it’s scientifically proven we can slow down aging significantly and start to enjoy our life!

It’s a beauty and lifestyle tip 2-in-1. It’s a perfect moment to change your life as you have been caring for others most of your life – now start caring about yourself. And you do not need expensive beauty treatments or Botox, or even worse surgery to start now.

All you need is the intention to be happy and enjoy every day as it is your last one.

Is there an achievement that you are most proud of?

At first I was proud of having my master’s degree in gardening and agriculture.

When I was so proud of having my amazing children.

When setting up a successful business and a having Formula Botanica Entrepreneurs programme certification.

When setting up Atlantis Skincare

When winning skincare awards-all together 9!

When I was over the moon to find myself in in Who is who in UK green entrepreneurship list Nr.22

When receiving my The Facelift Diet coach certificate!

But the best moments of my life are when any of my 5 grandchildren are calling and sharing their achievements!

Meet Zane, Founder Of Atlantis Skincare
Zane, founder of Atlantis Skincare

What do you see, or hope, for the future of your business?

At the moment we are merging together Atlantis Skincare products with my skills or food for beauty and healthy aging. In the future every customer who will buy our products can access the library of our webinars on how to improve your skin conditions with food, healthy aging and more.

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