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Suffering from allergies can be a complete nightmare and a literal headache for many. It’s estimated that a whopping 44% of British adults suffer from at least one allergy. They can experience anything from severe allergies to milder, but still serious intolerances. That’s a massive number of people who have to change the way they do things. Whether it’s their diet, their lifestyle or yes, their skincare too.

The Challenge

Knowing you’re allergic to something is only half the battle. Staying away from your allergens is a whole other challenge! Reading labels is something you have to get very good at, but it can be hard with skincare to understand exactly what’s what, and what you should avoid. This in turn causes a whole level of anxiety around trying new products. Knowing if it’s going to cause itching, sensitivities, or flare-ups has to be your priority before you even consider if it’s going to help your skin!


I can’t honestly say that no-one has never experienced, or will ever experience some sort of allergic reaction to my products. I just can’t. People can be allergic to so many things, it’s just impossible! I do know that some people have told me they can’t try Incredible Carrot because they’re allergic to.. carrots! That really surprised me the first time I heard that! I’ve also heard of an allergy to daisies, which are related to sunflowers. You’ll find the tiniest smidge of sunflower oil in every single pot or bottle as the rosemary anti-oxidant we use, is mixed with a bit of sunflower oil so you can get it out the bottle. However, what I’m saying is, there may well be things we’ve never tried that can also cause a reaction. We never know 100% what we could react to! So how can we limit the risk of a reaction?

1. Safety First

The first thing all of us should do when we try a new skincare product, is a patch test. Basically, just put a tiny amount of the product on the delicate skin on the inside of your elbow and leave it for 24 hours. If nothing happens, then you’re good to use it on your face. After this, you may want to start on your face with a small amount. Or, you can start using the product every few days and build up to more regular use. Listen to your skin and always remove anything that starts to tingle or feel uncomfortable. It’s tempting to think it’s a good sign, but I can tell you from far too many experiences…it’s best to take it off immediately!

2. Ask Questions

Similarly to being sure your products are vegan you can use many of the same tactics. If in doubt, get in touch! You should always be able to see a clear list of ingredients for any product you’re thinking of buying. Check these and if you’re not sure, send an email, a DM or whatever but always ask! Top secret fact: I’m always delighted to get any questions, and I’m pretty sure any other formulator would be!

3. Keep it Simple

Ok ok, you’ve heard this before! Seriously, there is a reason we keep our formulas simple. Like ridiculously simple. I won’t ever put more than 10 ingredients in any pot, because even that can be a lot for the skin to deal with. When you’re testing what works for your skin or not, or what sensitivies you may have, you need to limit both the amount of products you use and how many ingredients you apply.

My Promise

I can’t promise you won’t ever have a reaction, like I said that’s pretty impossible. What I can promise though is that our products are free from: animal products, fragrance – including even natural essential oils, nut oils, palm oil, and many other ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions. I also promise that anyone who tries our skincare superheroes and has a bad reaction will get a 100% refund. My goal is to have happy customers with happy skin, no matter what. I hope these tips help you feel less anxious if you’re worried you may be allergic to your skincare.

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